corrections and complaints

product corrections

  1. We provide complete freedom in creating, where there are no restrictions, and the condition is that you give us all the instructions before making an order. All the elements you would like us to draw should be mentioned before you start making an order. What is announced later can be considered as a supplement that is possible with a surcharge.
  2. Although we allow complete freedom to create without restrictions, we also provide you with a free first correction, which is possible in accordance with the policy.
  3. It is important to us that you are satisfied.
    As part of the free 1st correction, we provide you with the following:
    – Color change on 3 elements
    – Removal of up to 10 items
    – Move up to 3 items
    * An element is a unit or component that makes up an art product. It can be an object, a character, or anything that has a shape.
  4. Check the price list of additional corrections and other services by clicking on the button below:


  1. Idollio creates a bespoke art product for you, so you need to be aware that the final product may deviate from expectations.
  2. We undertake that if we do not meet all the objective requirements or instructions set by the customer before the start of production, we will provide a free correction. If we have fulfilled all the objective instructions that you gave us before the start of production, we do not provide the possibility of a refund. The purchase price can be requested before the start of the production of products that are made or customized.