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We are a team of artists and we create unique masterpieces to your order. Each illustration created by us is completely unique, made to your order. Each illustration is drawn by hand on graphic tablets. The authors always make sure that your order is complete and that you are satisfied. Meet the team that creates the Idollio story.

You (customer) ❤️

Customer | Part of the Idollio family

Each customer is part of our story, as customers are involved in making the commissioned artwork. We create the artwork for you exactly according to your instructions. You have the main word – you create, we draw. The biggest thank you goes to you, so you have first place on this page. Without you, there would be no us.

Marjan Milovanović

Director | Founder

Happy, lively, empathetic, energetic, and a little hyperactive, he does his job with great passion. A great workaholic who is aware of the essential importance of teamwork and maintaining a healthy attitude of the entire team. A wonderful creative who looks at the world optimistically.

Tina Bugarinovič

Project manage | Founder


Honest, trusting, pleasant, curious, which always leads her to new friends, to new smiles. She likes to laugh and enjoy life. Always positive, persistent and completely dedicated to her work.

Kristina E. Marek

Project manage | Author

Stubborn, rebellious, in love and optimistic. She loves to create, arrange, sing, draw, write songs, love nature and its wonders. She loves music and can’t imagine a day without it.


Meet a team of 24 diverse and creative authors active in the field of digital drawing. We are united by a love of art and a sense of belonging to the whole team and mutual support. We make sure that each of us feels good and is in the best hands with us. Illustrations, caricatures and portraits are our passion in which we do not set boundaries and rules. Each piece of art we create is completely unique, made to customer requirements. We draw each illustration by hand on graphic tablets, always making sure that your order is complete and that you (the customer) are satisfied.


Mariana | content creator

A content creator for social networks who seeks inspiration in people’s relationships.


David | leader

The dynamic rhythm of his work is not a problem for him as he enjoys his role as a leader. Without limits, he faces in to any challenge.


Amanda | artist

Our digital drawing artist is sure to start her day with a cup of coffee. She is a true lover of love novels, Latin dance and music.


Natalia | umetnica

Vedno urejena Natalia je velika ljubiteljica mode​​, ki svojo strast do dizajna obuja pri risanju, a hkrati priznava, da je kdaj z izbiro modnega kosa tudi udarila mimo.


Eric | umetnik

Ima bogato domišljijo, ki jo izraža pri risanju unikatnih umetniških del. V svojem prostem času najraje piše otroške pravljice ter je v procesu izdaje svoje prve knjige


Valerija | umetnica

Natačna in striktna Valerija je poredko brez nasmeška, saj meni, da nam življenje vedno podarja razlog za nasmeh.


Ecaterina | artist

An artist characterized by excellent work organization, punctuality and accessibility.


Alex | artist

A musician who enjoys drawing your stories and presenting them through his own perspective.


Marina | artist

Positive Marina is always smiling, communicative, responsible and skilful. She loves children very much and enjoys drawing them.


Oksana | artist

A classic painter who upgrades painting by experimenting in digital drawing.


Robert | artist

Fearless, fun and young athlete, with a talent for drawing enjoys creating portraits.


Anastasiia | artist

Sympathetic Anastasiia has a loyal cat in her company when drawing your illustrations, who adds a special charm to each order with her paws.


Miha | artist

He loves to travel and says he is at home in various locations around the world. Movies, socializing, entertainment and drawing are his passion.


Doris | artist

A mother of three children, a brother and two sisters, who, in addition to painting, also has a passion for playing the piano.


Ivan | | artist

He enjoys photography, hiking and climbing and is the leader of a photography course.


Alisa | artist

A jewelry maker who enjoys digital drawing and painting on canvas.


Mišel | artist

He has been enjoying drawing all his life and expresses himself with his wild imagination through illustrations


Lana | artist

A lover of walking, cycling, cooking, painting, drawing, listening to music, singing and handicrafts.


Diana | artist

An optimist who loves sports and loves movement and singing. She loves spending her time in nature, cooking, hanging out with friends and family, and she loves life in general!


Billy | artist

Stubborn but at the same time persistent, because if something fails him or if he fails
to do, he tries so long that in the end, he always succeeds.


Agata | artist

A patient and persistent artist who is recognizable by her laughter, as she almost always laughs.


Christian | artist

An athlete who would like to contribute his share to nature and, as a person eager for new knowledge, would be more and more aware of his concern for the environment. In his free time he enjoys playing tennis, drawing, cycling and playing the guitar.


Ayan | artist

A wrestler and connoisseur of Eastern martial arts, he loves nature and animals.


Denis | artist

He likes to create illustrations for children. He often joked with his illustrations, but mostly at his own expense.

Caricatures, portraits and custom illustrations

We create exactly to your requirements based on the photos and story you provide us. You create, we draw completely without boundaries!
The artwork that is the origin of your idea.

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Want to join the Idollio team?

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